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The website of Dorothy Jane Mills

The Sceptre: Genealogy


The Sceptre

We're all interested in our heritage. I used some of my own family history in writing The Sceptre, a historical novel that's partly about immigrants to Cleveland, Ohio— like my forebears.

In fact, The Sceptre is based on the idea that our ancestors play an important part in our lives. We not only look like them (and whom else could we look like, after all?), we also act like them, speak like them, and even get into some of the same scrapes they did. It's not so much that history repeats itself. It's that people repeat the personalities of their ancestors.

If you are trying to find out who your ancestors are, be ready to learn more than you really want to know. Like Katya Becker in The Sceptre, you might be dismayed as well as amazed!

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