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The Sceptre: History of the Textile Industry


The Sceptre
Sewing Girl

Hand Sewing

Weaving, sewing, and other handwork has, since prehistoric times, traditionally been primarily the work of women because it is work that can be done while supervising children. Even since the development of machinery to produce textiles, hand sewing like embroidery continues to have value because of the special individualized products people can make and the time such careful production takes.

The textile industry spawned the fashion industry, with designers whose work attracted attention, admiration, and money. In the thirties, American fashion still emulated Paris, the pinnacle of style. Perhaps the most creative designer of haute couture was Elsa Schiaparelli, originally from Italy but working in Paris. In the

States, however, some talented home-grown designers began receiving recognition, designers who could create fashions more suitable for American tastes and activities. In The Sceptre, Katya Becker becomes one of these American designers, but she uses ideas from the ancient past, ideas she discovers must originally have been Keltic symbols, although she first saw them in Austria. for more information on this, read the novel's synopsis.












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