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Readers React to The Sceptre and Its Sequels


The Sceptre

A strong woman as heroine

The Sceptre has “a strong, intelligent, independent, resourceful female central character, a vibrant woman of action and a woman of passion”—Laura Haywood, author of short stories and a novel

“She is a heroine in the classic sense of the word—she has guts, passion, and direction.”—a New York editor

“You patterned Katya after yourself, didn’t you? She was a very strong person, as you are….”
Doris Brandt, Cleveland Heights friend who is a fan of historical fiction

“I think of Katya often. She’s a character that really stays with you.”—Wendy Hoke, Cleveland writer

A gripping page-turner

“I was thrilled…read it in three days.”—Dr. Eleonore, Countess Thun-Hohenstein, Carintha, Austria

“I could not put the book down… familiar Cleveland places made me smile…and I kept thinking, what next? I could hardly wait to turn the page!…read it in two days.”—Gladys Beifus Haupt, Cleveland

“marvelous….an extraordinary tale of romance, intrigue, spiritual discovery, and just plain great adventure”—Meredith Young-Sowers, Walpole, New Hampshire, author of three books

“An irresistible tale of a woman’s quest to understand her roots and passions.”—Christopher Jennison, author of six historical works and senior editor at Guilford Publications, New York

“a fascinating story of intrigue, love, passion, murder, and all manner of interesting characters.”—Bob McPhie, Parksville, B.C., Canada

“not to be missed…what a thrill to read this novel!
Jean Ardell, author of historical articles and books about women, director of the writing program, University of California

Superior writing and plotting

“Dorothy Jane Mills writes in an immaculately correct pictorial style that effortlessly translates set, setting, and characters into cinematic tableaux….very entertaining and surprisingly funny….Shows masterly command of her material in a historically accurate dramatization of the period.”—Jules Siegel, review in BookArts magazine

“very well written…the most descriptive writer I have ever read.”—Lowell Kammer, librarian in Niagara Falls, New York

“I found the plot engrossing, the book cleverly devised, with a mix of characters both real and imagined.”—Ann Robinson, short-story writer in Keene, New Hampshire

“The plot has interesting and surprising twists and turns. The characters are people one comes to care about.”—Reviewer for the Midwest Independent Publishers Association

Careful research

“Does a marvelous job of describing social and economic conditions in the1920s and 1930s and especially the relatively repressed condition of women in those days. The author has obviously done her homework. The book contains a large number of facts that I can refer to in my history lectures.”—Dr. Bruce Pauley, author of Hitler and the Forgotten Nazis

“full of rich and authentic detail….I’m incredibly impressed.”—Dr. Carolyn Myss, best-selling author of spiritual works, who appeared twice on Oprah

“demonstrates tremendous research…sometimes really hilarious….I read this almost breathlessly and with great enthusiasm.”—Dr. Jorn Moller, Danish research director and author of historical works

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