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The Sceptre: Spirituality


The Sceptre
Readers like bestselling authors Carolyn Myss and Meredith Young-Sowers discovered the spiritual aspects of The Sceptre. Like many of us, the heroine Katya Becker learns through intuition, dreams, and a sort of sixth sense as well as through more standard channels.

The Sceptre shows that we can connect with our distant past in various ways. What might be termed racial memory sometimes intrudes on our consciousness, and we feel close to our ancient forebears.

Statements about The Sceptre

Dr. Caroline Myss, author of books on spirituality, who appeared twice on Oprah and whose books twice made the New York Times bestseller list:

"I'm incredibly impressed with the artistry of The Sceptre. The book arrived while I was away lecturing in Copenhagen, and when I returned I thought I was too exhausted to do more than just glance through it, but I couldn't stop reading."

"In The Sceptre, by combining real historical figures and events with effective characters of her own creation, the author has woven history into a wonderful story. She has a genuine gift for writing historical fiction. This book is full of rich and authentic detail. It's a magnificent accomplishment and a treat to read. I can't recommend The Sceptre highly enough. It ranks among the best books of history I have ever read."

Meredith Young-Sowers, author of Agartha and Publisher of Stillpoint Institute Publications:

"What a pleasure to read this wonderful novel! Dorothy Mills weaves an extraordinary tale of romance, intrigue, spiritual discovery, and just plain great adventure. The book is riveting and kept me turning the pages long into the small hours of the night. I'm unable to even imagine the daunting task of researching and writing such an undertaking. The details of heroine Katya Becker's life and her search to discover the meaning of mysterious symbols drawn on the wall of a cave paint a most provocative backdrop for this marvelous read. The Sceptre is a very special novel."
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